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Indian Spice cuisine is all about fresh local produce providing an authentic, unique taste of British-Indian curry houses to your doorstep in the South Of France. We do not try to replace local cuisine but to enhance it by bringing a unique flavour to the area.

Our Story


Our Story

"Indian Spice" was born out of our passion for Indian Food.

There are are many great culinary experiences to be had in the South Of France but Indian food is not one of them. That is where we come in.

Our dedication and understanding enables us to create these exquisite flavours, giving you an authentic dish that you can experience right here with us!

Sumptuous Food

Authentic food

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For those with pure indulgence in mind, fulfil your desires with our authentic food choice.
For the authentic taste of India we use our own Tandoor oven. It is an integral factor in authentic Northern Indian cuisine. At Indian Spice, our traditional clay oven is used for many dishes, including our house tandoori chicken/lamb/cauliflower with spices. These tandoori are one of the most popular dishes of Northern India. Its name is derived from the type of oven, a tandoor, used in its preparation.
Get a taste of traditional, mouthwatering tandoori chicken and Northern Indian food at Indian Spice.
On each market we serve a selection of curries each week. These will be a selection covering different heat/spices and vegetarian options. See our full menu for what we will be serving.

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Unforgettable Dining Experience

Market Experience

Unforgettable Dining Experience



We promise to provide freshly cooked, authentic Indian food that offers something different to local and foreign patrons and ensures you enjoy a memorable food experience every time. We can be found on local markets in the Occitanie/Languedoc region of France serving an alternating selection of curries/dhal from our menu above.

Esperaza Market

Esperaza Market

Esperaza Market

Carcassonne Market

Esperaza Market

Mirepoix Market
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Locate us

Place Carnot, 11000 Carcassonne

Thursday : 9am – 12:30pm


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Feel free to drop us a query.
Place de République, 11260 Espéraza

Sunday : 9am – 2pm


Esperaza Map


Feel free to drop us a query.
Place de la République, 11300 Limoux

Alternate Friday's (starting 03/05/19) : 9am – 1pm


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Feel free to drop us a query.
Cours du Dr Chabaud, 09500 Mirepoix

Alternate Monday's (starting 29/04/19) : 9am – 1pm


Mirepoix Map


Feel free to drop us a query.